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The ultimate golf mini camera for capturing every detail of your swing.


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No more frame skipping

PURLNK solves the problem of skip frames caused by WiFi and other RF interference for smoother and higher quality video. It accelerates video streaming over 10 times to provide HD quality digital mirroring together with 120FPS swing capture. PURLNK is so powerful it can do this without any frame loss.  See every frame of your swing for perfect, no-skip swing capture every time – even in congested and noisy WiFi or RF environments.


LiveView AI​

Smart Tools for better practice and faster improvement.

Suitable for iOS and Android


 Golf Swing Frames

AI Swing Trigger

LV-AI can "see" your swings and uses this to capture every swing automatically. Using LV-AI prevents false triggers caused by background noise or other players' swings. LVPro2 enables hands-free operation even at the busiest driving range.

Because LV-AI does not rely on any sound trigger, AI-Trigger works even without hitting a ball.

Swing Segments

LV-AI recognizes different phases of your swing to break up and view key swing parts quickly and easily.

Using our advanced AI vision engine, LVPro2 can break down and play back key parts of your swing in slow motion to simplify the review of each practice swing.
Swing Segment 2
Swing Segment 3
Swing Segment 5

AI Monitoring

LVPro2 can track your swing and provide enhanced mirror feedback in the form of audio and visual cues.

Automatic Templates

LV-AI can build and scale templates automatically so that you spend less time drawing and more time practicing.
Automatic Template
  • 720p HD Video
  • 120 FPS
  • Audio Record
  • Replaceable Batteries


Capture Every Detail