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For full instructions, please consult the User Manual included with the LVPro camera or found online with the link below:

Getting started - A Quick Guide

1. Once your LVPro 2 is unpacked, charge the battery to the camera.

    There is a USB-C Charge Cable included for charging.

    Allow up to 2 hours for a full charge.

    2. Insert the SD Card.

    3. On your phone or I-Pad, Download the LV Studio App (link below) from Live View Sports Inc. Download from Google play for Android or the Apple Store.

    Google Play App         Apple Store Image

    4. Turn power on. Press for 3 seconds.

    5. Connect the camera through Wi-Fi on your phone or I-Pad.

      Password is in the manual included with the camera.

      Option to select own password.

      6. Operate the camera to record and auto playback.
        •  Select Mirror options
        •  Select Instant replay mode options
        •  Select Draw Line Options

        Camera automatically saves for replaying

        To reset camera back to factory settings - consult manual or contact Live View Sports Australia for assistance.


          1. How to set up LVPro short video - 1minute 34 seconds


          2. User Manuals:

          LV Studio

          LVPRO 2


          3. Download LV Studio App from Live View Sports to smartphone or IPad

          Google Play Store for Android 9.0 or higher

          Apple App Store for iOS 14+ or higher


          4. User Guides LVPRO


          5. Video Tips, Instruction and Demonstration

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