Learn and Improve Faster Than Ever

The LVPRO 2 is the most powerful golf studio camera, right in your pocket. Our advanced digital mirroring tools feature patented Swing AI technology to provide effective feedback for faster results.





About LVPRO 2 - Video



LVPRO 2 Benefits

Light, Compact , easily transportable. Take it with you, wherever you may be.

Indoor and outdoor use 

Can be used for any facet of the game, especially for short game and perfecting basics.

Continually able to monitor and take control over the correctness and of your progress.

Practice certain movements particular to each individual.

Practice swings and positions can be easily shared.

Saving your best swings on templates enables continuity and precision especially when practicing alone 

Enables you to practice to the level you desire.

Live feedback of your goals. - Combines feel with real.

Answers the age old question of “how do i remember what i have been shown or have just learned”

Technical support and how to use videos from Australian PGA and European Tour- Coaches.

Automatic Swing Detect

LiveView’s DSM™ can automatically record every swing during your practice session.   Using proprietary technology the LiveView app records 2 seconds prior and 2 second after ball  impact to provide your full swing sequence.

Mirror Yourself for Faster Learning

Our Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) technology provides instant visual feedback just like a real mirror to match your body movements. This feedback links the visual and physical movements to create accurate kinesthetic feedback for dramatically accelerated learning.

Swing Tools Guide You

Draw  coaching objects that provide a clear reference to guide every practice swing.  Insert lines to indicate the correct swingplane, posts to track head and body movements, and circles to learn stable head position through all phases of your swing.

Practice Indoors

Instant feedback and comparison

I bought one after using it at Australian Golf Schools 5 day course. It has allowed me to continue my practice at home and improve

Trevor B, Victoria

No more trying to use my phone to film myself. Constant stopping and checking, the instant feedback is so much better

Luke B, NSW

The templates and guides in the app make my practice time so much more efficient. I love this camera

Kael L, QLD